Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sweet Lord Jesu Christ, I thank thee and yield thee grace for that great fearfulness that thou hadst for our sakes, when thou became so full of anguish that an angel of heaven came to comfort thee, when thou sweatest blood for anguish.

I pray thee, Lord, and beseech thee, for thy sweet memory, that thou be mine help in all mine anguish and my temptations, and send me, Lord, the angel of counsel and of comfort in all my needs, that I may turn, through that sweat, out of all sickness of soul and body into life and health.

Richard Rolle's Meditation on the Passion
13th Century

Monday, August 12, 2013


O Gift of gifts, O gracious call, 
My God, how can it be
That Thou Who hast discerning love 
Shouldst give that Gift to Me?
How many hearts Thou might'st have had
More innocent than mine;
How many souls more worthy far
Of that sweet touch of Thine?
Ah, grace!  Into unlikeliest hearts
It is Thy boast to come,
The glory of Thy light to find
in darkest spots a home.
Thy choice, O God of Goodness, then,
I lovingly adore,
O give me grace to keep Thy grace
And grace to merit more.

Whatever Shall I Do Without You - 1948
By A Religious
Pellegrini & Co.
Sidney, Australia